The Life of a Single Rose

Red Rose

The Life of a Single Rose

I have been successfully and contentedly involved in the business of selling fresh superior roses to lovers and compassionate amorous men and women all over the world. I wanted to demonstrate authentic words that could accurately be silently spoken when giving a miraculous rose. I receive blessings and pleasure, and incredible gratification when I could assist a loving individual lost for words with the silent language of the rose. Fresh cut roses are the ultimate timeless “expressions verbalizing unconditional love, uttering inner unexplainable feelings and whispering silent messages of ones accurate thoughts from nature’s awe-inspiring rose.”

The Rose. Nature’s silent messengers of God!

Single roses are simple! They are exceptionally passionate and are the unspoken environmental representation of our pure secret emotions! The magical rose is nature’s demonstration of effortlessness beauty and mysterious inborn divinity and Heaven’s gift to the planet earth. It is God’s Love Flower from Him personality to our humanity! The single rose wordlessly secretly, anxiously, whispers passion, romance, love, honesty, trust, gratitude and every human emotion to “Her” admirable deserving recipient!

The Single Rose is Nature’s Gift for the Heavens! This magical flower, a wonder of the planet, represents a single uncomplicated symbol of unconditional and unexplainable emotions for us to transmit and bestow. The single rose represents a universal appreciation and power that exploits even the most dominant unseen energy in the universe! The phenomenon of unconditional love!

The meaning of the Single Red Rose

The meaning of one red rose has always been significant. The most meaningful flower of all is considered to be the red rose. A single red rose is now usually used to send a message of love. The meaning of one red rose is sent through messages with single roses.

Red is the most commonly given rose. Red signifies love and passion. The true red rose is for lovers, fiery red roses signify passion and the cardinal red rose symbolizes desire. Red roses in full bloom best convey the message “I still love you”. Red rose buds express new love or first time love.

The Single Red Rose is considered to be the most beautiful and romantic. Even from the ancient roman times lovers have given each other red roses. In those times, roses were the symbol of the roman goddess Venus, the goddess of love, so ever since then a single red rose clearly states ‘I love you’.

The meaning of one red rose petal is used to symbolize love, and to create a romantic atmosphere. Rose petals can be left to float in the bath tub, or simply spread throughout the house or near the fireplace. If your lover is away you can add a single rose petal or some rose petals to your letters.

Red roses have been a continuous source of inspiration for artists everywhere and thousands of paintings and poems have been written inspired by roses or by a single red rose. It has been said that a single red rose speaks volumes, so choose the fines rose and send it to someone you love now.

This Single Rose is Nature’s Gift for the Heavens! This magical flower, a wonder of the planet, represents a single uncomplicated symbol of my unconditional unexplainable Love for you. This single rose represents the solitary that is the most dominant unseen energy in the universe! The wonders of Unconditional Love! A love so effortlessly concealed by the human soul and yet so powerful it could move mountains! The love for eternity that I have for you will infiltrate the world around you, in you and in me. My deepest desires for you here and now are that you deserve a lifetime of happiness and ecstasy that will be completed with the natural uncomplicated gifts from the universal paradise! You are truly worthy of all this simple yet prevailing endowment . . . for my love for you is never ending. Sweetheart, this will be My wish that this rose will speak to your heart and pierce your soul to last a lifetime that will transform all that is bad to all that is good.

This magical single red rose whispers my love for you. Please accept my gift from the heavens!

Red Roses Fresh Aromatic

Admired for its beauty, this rose is a classic choice to send deep sentiments of love on an “Anniversary”, “Birthday” or “Just Because.” With its striking red color and elegant shape, this award winning rose is practically perfect. Each stem is hand-harvested daily by our expert growers who select only the best rose blooms. Nothing will express your message of love and affection better than this red rose bouquet. When it comes to flowers, the rose reigns supreme. With elegant form and unforgettable fragrance, the rose bouquet is one of the most famous and beloved of all blooms.

Fresh Farm Roses Grower Direct

We only offer award winning Ecuadorian and Columbian roses that are premium long-stem handpicked and selected for perfection. These premium roses have a longer vase life time and are more aromatic. The rose hues are vibrant and petals are bountiful and mesmerizing as the rose opens. If cared for properly, these roses will be full of life for 2 weeks or more.

The Language of Roses        

Almost everyone in the world knows that the elegant red rose signifies romantic love and affection. More so, it is a classic symbol of everlasting and enduring love and passion. It doesn’t just symbolize love, but also denote beauty, courage and respect. Did you know that a Red Rosebud is a symbol of purity and loveliness, as well?

As you might know, red roses are widely known to be used when proposing marriage and to reaffirm one’s love in a very profound way. Regardless of whether it is given as a single red rose to say “I love you”, or as a group of one dozen or more, it makes a wonderful gift for any romantic occasion!

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So Intoxicating! Truly irresistible! And infused with classic traditional romance, this bouquet of Red Roses is nearly as captivating as she is.

Throughout history, Roses have played an important role in art, religion, commerce and folklore. An indelible symbol of love, beauty and hope, their history and mystique date back almost 4,000 years. The early Greeks inexorably linked the Rose to purity and passion. There are varying estimates as to the number of Rose species in existence. The genus is known to have at least 130 species and an endless array of garden hybrids from practically every corner of the world. We, however, prefer hybrid, more specialized varieties

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