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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy Benefits!


Over the past 40 years scientists from around the world have investigated the effects of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF)on nearly every organ and every disease in the body, resulting in over 2,000 published clinical studies showing the many benefits provided by PEMF therapy.

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) machines are class of technology shown clinically to relieve deep pain quickly.

And the PEMF 4000 is the first of it’s kind to be affordable enough for people to use at home, effective enough to be trusted in doctors’ clinics, and portable enough so you never have to go without relief no matter where life takes you

The man in this body scan complained about severe pain in his jaw area.

You can see his discomfort levels in the ‘Before’ body scan on the left. After taking that picture he used the PEMF for 30 minutes and rested while it washed his body in soothing electromagnetic fields.

And on the right ‘After’ picture you can see those trouble spots disappeared, leaving only minor inflammation where the pain used to be.

And not just in pain relief! Many of the study participants also reported sleeping better at night, feeling more energy during the day, and experiencing a feeling of well-being like they haven’t felt in years or are experiencing for the very first time.

Even with these results PEMF technology is not yet approved by the FDA. So we are releasing the PEMF 4000 to the public during it’s Clinical Testing phase because it is too powerful to keep from the people who desperately need a solution now.

The people who gave the following case studies each suffers from chronic pain for one reason or another. Each volunteered to give the PEMF 4000 a home trial for four weeks. And in their own words, these are the results.

Changed function condition of microcirculation after stimulation of locally and superior with PEMF 4000  ! WATCH IT CHANGE THE BLOOD!!!!!!!

If you’re interested in the results of the 72 double-blind placebo trials that confirms PEMF technology’s radical effects on pain and health at the cellular level, you can find the published studies in the US National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health website.

The short explanation is that the human body is ElectroMagnetic by nature. ‘Electro’ stands for electricity. And ‘Magnetic’ means a field of energy like the pressure you feel when you put two magnets together – they either repulse or attract.

When electricity and magnetism work together they create the energy your body needs to fuel its life processes. This is called the body’s ElectroMagnetic field.

Disease means there’s a lack of energy in the body. And pain, especially chronic pain, is the body’s way of telling you where. The energy shortage can originate in any system. And left unchecked it can spread. That’s why the PEMF-4000 is so special.

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Generator. And it bathes every system in the body in an electromagnetic field that charges its cells with the energy they need to do their jobs properly.

Jobs like eliminating toxins, deeply absorbing nutrients, and repairing damage – all of which reduces pain & inflammation. Which makes you feel healthier within just 30 minutes.


On the one hand, medical science and technology have never been more advanced. Yet, on the other hand, first world countries now face a growing rash of health problems that weren’t so major just fifty years ago.

It’s the kind of problem you can’t NOT notice.

So, what’s up with that? Well, here’s a theory, based on this deadly factor that the original space program faced when they sent Man into off planet for the very first time:

Now that we know what happens when the body loses contact with the Earth’s electromagnetic field completely for just a few weeks… can you imagine what might happen if the body loses contact with that field off and on for years at a time?

I’m asking because we too may be dangerously cut off from Earth’s electromagnetic field without even leaving the planet.

Your body’s electromagnetic field is adaptive. Which means it tends to any synchronize with the strongest electromagnetic fields it encounters.

That used to just be the Earth. Now it adapts to the invasive electromagnetic interference made by our refrigerators, televisions, cellphones, radios, and power lines instead.

And, unlike the Earth’s electromagnetic field, the interference signals move too fast for the human body to ever fully adapt to because humans never naturally evolved to be able to handle frequencies so chaotic or so fast!

This means the body must constantly cope with the stress caused by this interference. You can imagine how that can drain energy from the cells that was supposed to go to other important life functions…

A person living full time in modern society is surrounded by sources of interference, making it possible for the body to become ‘unplugged’ from the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Which the astronauts demonstrated with their lives to be a bozo no no.

We’ve got nothing against your toaster oven. But when the body is expending more energy to cope with stress while at the same time it is unable to draw the energy it needs to recharge it’s cells… it is practically inviting disease over for dinner.

One medical doctor in Arizona who trusts the PEMF 4000 in his clinic says that, “When regularly exposed to the EMF (electromagnetic field) generated by the PEMF 4000, chronic pain is almost instantly erased from the body. Often I am surprised at how drastic a change takes place right before my eyes.”

His results are backed up by science because the National Institute of Health found that the PEMF works in the body on a cellular level to recharge the cells with the energy they need to relieve the source of chronic pain, not just the symptoms.

We know that it is working this deeply in the body because the pain doesn’t just go away for the day and then return in all its glory… no, the pain relief lasts for weeks. And if it does return it is measurably less powerful than before.

To show you the power of just one treatment, we charted the progress of 1,000 people for the 2 weeks following their first PEMF treatment. You can see their results in the chart below measured in discomfort over time.

Where is your level of Discomfort on a scale of 0 (none) to 10 (extreme)?As you can see, many we worked with started at an 8 or 9 on that scale.

After the first treatment their Discomfort dropped from an average of 8.5 down to just 2. Yes, we double checked our math.

And over the 24-48 hours to follow that number dropped even lower.

By day four the pain slowly begins to return. But after ten more days the level of Discomfort never returns to the same intensity as where it began.

In fact, one treatment left the average level of Discomfort just below a 6 after fourteen days with no follow up treatments.

That’s an incredible improvement 0f 30% in just 14 days! With no side effects reported other than a drastically improved quality of life.

Can you imagine how much better you might feel doing one or two treatments a week from the comfort of your own home?


Ironically, most people who need this therapy or who want to help those who do need it are often the ones least able to afford it. Because a traditional clinical-grade PEMF device costs about $20,000.

You can probably understand how that leaves people with more pain than time to visit their doctor out in the cold and eliminates PEMF as a treatment option for most alternative and independent health practitioners.

So we dedicated the past eight months to giving people these people a choice!

That’s why we designed the PEMF 4000, from start to finish, to be the solution people suffering from chronic pain can rely on to provide relief within 30 minutes, no matter how bad it is, from the comfort of home.

The PEMF-4000 offers you the same safety, the same or more power, and the same results as traditional clinical PEMF devices without breaking the bank. We’ll talk about prices in just a minute because the cost of the PEMF wasn’t the only thing we cut.

We also managed to pack all that power into a case that rolls on two-wheels and easily fits in the trunk of a car or the overhead compartment of an airplane so you never have to go without.

PEMF Nic tesla

Normal retail for the PEMF-4000 stands at $9497.00 each. Which you may recall is a full $10,000 more affordable than a traditional unit of the same or lesser quality and not as advanced!






Charles E. Farricielli, President and Director Hello Fellow Alternative Health Advocate! Thank you so much for you interest in our PEMF Devices. PEMF helps to repair every disease known to man! We have dedicated clients that are Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Hospitals, Clinics, and Pain Centers and also include many Alternative Medicine consumers as well. Below I incorporated for you an abundance of info and links on PEMF Theory and Therapy and more. I have had many years of experience in the ELT Field, and have also successfully instructed and trained PEMF clients and Technicians through-out the world. You are welcomed to call me Anytime!. Allow me prove how our Device can help you today! Charlie (203) 214-5454 I'm in Connecticut! Warm regards, Charlie Farricielli pemf4000.com@gmail.com I would like to answer any questions you might have, and assist with much more detailed information. Our new PEMF8000 Series is with-out doubt the most powerful and effective device on the planet! It's helping people through-out the world to be pain free and heal the immune system and numerous health related dilemmas! I have included many links and a great deal of information to help you understand the power and effectiveness of PEMF Therapy and Our PEMF8000 healing supremacy! I can assist you with my PEMF experience and understanding to accomplish your desires, amid training you and help you to heal any illness and achieve profound whole health with our PEMF 8000. Charles E. Farricielli founded a full service wholesale and retail florist business in West Haven, CT in 1975 called Farricielli's Flower City, and has served as the company's President since 1975. Mr. Farricielli established Rose Express, Inc. in 1989 to operate a Rose Express in New Haven, CT as a retail store specializing in the sale of fresh cut roses, floral bouquets, greeting cards and other gift items available at drive-through and walk-up windows for quick and convenient pick-up. Mr. Farricielli has served as President of Rose Express, Inc since its establishment. Mr. Farricielli has also held the positions of President and Director of the Franchisor, Rose Express Franchise Systems, Inc. since it was incorporated in June of 1990. Currently, Mr. Farricielli is a member of the National Florist Council, serves on the Board of Directors of Roses International, holds memberships in the West Haven, New Haven and Milford Chambers of Commerce, and belongs to the Society of American Florists Services. He has been nominated to serve on the Board of the Small Business National Association and the International Entrepreneurs Association. Mr. Farricielli has been honored for outstanding support to the National Leukemia Society, has received the City of West Haven Merit Award, has actively participated in other community and charitable causes such as National Diabetes Foundation and helped take part in the World Special Olympics with Mr. and Mrs. Shriver. Rosefarm.com Founder and Owner Charles Farricielli has been on a 32 year quest to serve his customers with the highest quality products in the World Rose Market. Mr. Farricielli has traveled abroad to touch and literally live with the rose growers of the world. Corvettes, Harleys are my toys! Also Master of Tai Chi Energy Qigong! Study with Gary Clyman! I have studied with Bob Proctor for years and he has personally mentored a great part of my life! That was before Bob was made famous in the movie "The Secret" We are still in touch! Avatar Master and teacher! Love the Mini S and P Futures Market! Collect antiquarian books by Robert Collier, Charles Haanel, and James Allen! And most Important, My best friend on this planet and Universe is my beautiful daughter.."Ariana Gina"!!! All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas - not money. Robert Collier Any thought that is passed on to the subconscious often enough and convincingly enough is finally accepted. Robert Collier Every artist was first an amateur. Ralph Waldo Emerson No great man ever complains of want of opportunities. Ralph Waldo Emerson
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